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Apparently built for love 0.9.2 - so no longer maintained?

Yeah, we are not working on it anymore :/ but it should be compatible with the newest version!

Afraid it's not... I get a warning message then the next screen is a crash... do you want the error message? (I'm running Linux if that's relevant).

Re- your framerate cap issues: you can use love.timer.getDelta either to wait for frames or to modulate the size of each update (the latter is good policy IMHO, except for physics calculations which need to be deterministic).

This is really good-looking! I got lucky with picking a on-the-edge-working strategy in the final level.

Love the super simple controls! Would be a fun mobile game.

This game is good! Very good! I'd love for the developer to continue working on this!

I'm working on a full version for PC/Mac/Linux and Android/iOS :)

This would be amazing as an app.

I really want to try it when it's out!