Choose which rooms to add to a dangerous temple while exploring its secrets and trying to escape.

Don't worry, a ghost friend is there to  help you. For a price, of course.

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Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsCreepy, Hand-drawn, Horror, Roguelite, Top down shooter


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Chamber 14 MB


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I really, really enjoyed this game, very cool concept, a more fleshed out version would be awesome, keep up the good work!

love the arts style/color palette/animations. great rogue-like action!

I like this game a lot, it's the first one on the video, didn't speak too much about it but it's lovely, still playing it sometimes.

This is such an enjoyable and addictive game. I love the variety in it and the thought and attention to detail you’ve put into this. Beautiful graphics and nice audio. I’ll certainly be playing this for days to come! 

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I did it

So, now that I beat it, here's some of my opinions:

This game is surprisingly addicting, and a lot of the mechanics were pretty clever, though I still have some small things I'd change. First of all, towards the end of a run the game can get a little repetitive, which I guess is just due to the nature of the game. A few of the rooms are also clearly worse or better than others. Think the zombie room, fountain ofc, and the bombs room (I don't like the bomb room). The main that's missing imo is the feeling of your character themselves improving, which is often one of the most fun part of a roguelite. I suppose you could do this with some ability you get a number of limited uses for whenever you pass room x, which might also help in the repetiteveness department.

Anyways I'm not a programmer or anything so I don't know how easy these things would be too change lmao